Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Company, has announced the service of Jio Giga Fiber across the country. On 5 September of the next month, Jio Fiber service will be started officially. This was announced by Mukesh Ambani at the 42nd Annual General Assembly.

What are GigaFiber and its characteristics?

Know, what is GigaFiber and its specialty.

Jio Giga Fiber

Jio Giga Fiber Service is a high-speed internet service provider. One of its connections can connect up to 40 other devices simultaneously. To put it in simple terms, if you take the service of Jio GigaFiber in your home, then all the other devices in your home like TV, computer and mobile can connect all devices by taking just one service of Jio GigaFiber.

Jio Giga Fiber

To avail of this kind of service, Jio will also provide a set-top box on its behalf. With this, you can also watch channels on the TV with the help of set-top boxes. This set-top box will activate the high speed of the Internet as well as voice service. The specialty of this service will be that you will be able to control TV channels with the help of just one command from home. Not only this, with the help of its high-speed internet, you will also be able to take advantage of services like video calling and video conferencing from TV. This service will prove to be the first home video calling service across the country.

Feature of Jio GigaFiber service

Seeing the specialty of Jio GigaFiber Service, this service can prove to be quite beneficial for the people. In this, users will get high-speed service from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps for the internet. For this, plans ranging from ₹ 700 to ₹ 10,000 will be made available according to the monthly tariff plan. Not only this, on the tariff plan purchased for the year, the company users will also get HD / 4k television and 4K set-top box for free. Along with the Jio GigaFiber service, if a customer can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada at a cost of ₹ 500 per month. With this, these consumers will be able to take advantage of watching the newly released film like First Day First Show.

Jio GigaFiber welcome offer

Customers availing Jio GigaFiber service will be given HD and 4K television from Jio. Also, 4K set-top box will also be available for free. However, for this, users will have to buy forever annual tariff plan.

Live Video Jio Giga Fiber FTTH


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